'An unprepared moment': Sushma Swaraj lands in a 'God forbid' controversy

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British media: Sushma in controversy
New Delhi, Sep 12: Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj lands up in controversy among the British media with her goof-up answer in her first official conference, reported media.

Responding to a question on Scotland's referendum, Sushma appeared confused, messed up the answer and then corrected herself, which has landed her into a little trouble among the the British media.

Swaraj was asked about the September 18 referendum in Scotland that could lead to a possible break-up of the United Kingdom by a foreign correspondant and she appeared confused. "A break-up of the UK? God forbid. I don't think any such possibility exists at the moment," she said.

"Indian foreign minister horrified by Scottish independence threat," said The Telegraph.

It was also mentioned in the report that "the diplomatic mask has begun to crack and India's foreign minister has provided a glimpse of unexpressed feelings among policy makers around the globe."

Media also noted that Sushma responded "with note of horror." It added that she quickly corrected herself after officials had a word with her.

When Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh whispered something, Sushma made a recovery, saying, "It is up to the people of Scotland to decide."

The foreign ministry is reportedly firming up a position on Scotland.

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