Sri Sri criticises AAP, says Arvind Kejriwal like other politicians

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Arvind upset with Sri Sri Ravishankar
New Delhi, April 4: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is hurt and has taken to Twitter to expresses his feelings, after spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar thoroughly criticised him and his party in an article.

The article was published in Hindustan Times ( read more ) on Thursday, where Sri Sri wrote that 'Kejriwal, like all other political leaders, had hidden amibitions and agendas to come to the forefront.'

Sri Sri wrote that though AAP brought a lot of enthusiam and gave high hopes to the people as it wanted to cleanse the country through clean politics and wanted to rid the country of corruption, the party was ill advised to resign.

Sri Sri wrote: "Cheap publicity stunts, self-contradiction, over-ambition and autocracy tarnished the positive image of AAP and soon many respectable people became disillusioned and left the party." He also said that the AAP had a very callous attitude towards the nation's economy and security.

Kejriwal, who looked clearly upset took to Twitter on Friday and tweeted-

Meanwhile, Sri Sri also blasted Kejriwal for criticising Gujarat CM Narendra Modi without any basis. "Gujarat was so drought-prone that people had to sell their cattle often. But today there is greenery everywhere.

Electricity supply was scarce - hardly two hours a day. Today there is water and electricity in almost every village and the per capita income has risen," Sri Sri wrote.

Sri Sri also said that if the people voted again for the AAP at the national level and if Kejriwal does what he did in Delhi, 'it would be a absolute disaster for the country.' "In a hurry to jump on the national scene, AAP has compromised all principles that gave birth to it," he said.

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