The Somnath Bharti saga: From international to domestic abuse

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New Delhi, June 10: Arvind Kejriwal might be the face of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) but it is Somnath Bharti, the former law minister of Delhi and currently a legislator, who is known for his
'versatility' more.

Or how else can an individual cover the entire spectrum, from international to domestic, in just over an year's time?


Bharti was accused of assaulting African women in Delhi last year

Bharti, who has been accused by his wife Lipika Mitra of domestic violence and mental torture, had made the headlines in January last year for allegedly assaulting a group of African women after barging into their house during a midnight raid. [Caught on tape: Somnath Bharti present during tests on Ugandan women]

An Ugandan woman said a group of Indians led by Bharti harassed and assaulted them and also threatened to kill them had they not left India. The woman identified Bharti after seeing him on the television the next day.

The former law minister also accused the foreign nationals of being involved in a drug and prostitution racket.

It was even alleged that an African woman was allegedly forced to give a urinary sample in public for a drug test during the raid.

Regarding his wife's allegations, Lipika Mitra filed complaints with the police and the Delhi Commission for Women saying her husband had subjected her to "continuous" physical and mental abuse and financial deprivation since they got married in 2010. [Somnath Bharti rejects wife's allegations, says she had threatened to spoil his political career]

Lipika Mitra, a lawyer by profession, had once set his dog on her when she was seven-months pregnant. She also accused her husband of not supporting his family financially.

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