Sheila Dikshit: Unclear verdict could be a recipe for bad governance

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'Hung house maybe bring instability'
New Delhi, Nov 2: In an interview to the Times Of India (TOI), Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit has warned saying that a hung assembly in Delhi polls would create an unwelcome political instability.

Dikshit in her interview to the TOI [read here] brushed the opinion polls as baseless. However unlike before, where she dismissed the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), this time she took the AAP more seriously, saying that an unclear verdict could be a recipe for bad governance.

She added saying that she was hopeful that the tradition of having a party with a majority in power will not be broken.

On asking about the latest entrant in the Delhi political scenario, the AAP, Dikshit said that traditionally it has been the Congress and BJP who have been there always.

Dikshit: Congress, BJP have always been there

"There are others who keep coming. There was BSP in the corporation polls, there have been independents. As far as the AAP is concerned, whether it is a political party or just a phenomenon, it is for the people to decide,' she said.

She lashed out at rival and Delhi BJP CM candidate Harshvardhan saying that he has done nothing in the past 15 years. "Polio project that he started was a government of India programme and today Delhi is free because we have worked on it," she said.

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