Sexual Harassment: Even a lawyer is scared to fight back the judge

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Lawyer's horror story revealed!
New Delhi, Nov 12: And here we thought only common man (or woman) were prone to sexual harassment. There are some policemen out on the prowl and now we know there are judges too.

NDTV reported that a reputed Supreme Court judge sexually harassed a young lawyer who was interning with him last December. This has stirred the hornet's nest and the country into a state of shock.

She did not come out with these allegations because of the judge's high position

The lawyer, who graduated from Kolkata's National University of Juridical Sciences, says she was harassed by the judge in a hotel room in Delhi. Though she hasn't mentioned the name of the Judge, she says that he was a highly respected judge and retired just recently.

She revealed her horror story in a blog on November 6 for 'Journal of Indian Law and Society'.

"In Delhi (during the gang-rape protests), interning during the winter vacations of my final year in University, I dodged police barricades and fatigue to go to the assistance of a highly reputed, recently retired Supreme Court judge whom I was working under during my penultimate semester. For my supposed diligence, I was rewarded with sexual assault (not physically injurious, but nevertheless violating) from a man old enough to be my grandfather," she said in the blog.

"I won't go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that long after I'd left the room, the memory remained, in fact, still remains, with me," she wrote.

This is not it. The lawyer even said she had heard of three other cases of sexual harassment by the same judge. She also knew of other cases of girls who were harassed by other judges.

Though she did not come out with these allegations for nearly a year because of the judge's high position, she decided to speak out so other girls would not have to face this situation.

She writes, "All the talk during that time was of stricter punishment, of baying for the blood of 'creepy' men. Five years of law school had taught me to look to the law for all solutions - even where I knew that the law was hopelessly inadequate - and my reluctance to wage a legal battle against the judge left me feeling cowardly."

A Lawyer who knows the in and out of the law is scared to open up, and here we talk about 'justice'.

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