#NetNeutrality: Rahul Gandhi says govt trying to appease corporates

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New Delhi, April 22: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday pushed for net neutrality in India and said 'the government must stop consultations with TRAI.'

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Speaking in Lok Sabha, Gandhi accused the government of giving away web space to corporates. He said: "The government wants to allocate web to the industrialists too. Please change the law or write a new law on net neutrality."

Rahul Gandhi pushes for net neutrality

Rahul said that over one million people are fighting for net neutrality. "Government is trying to carve out the net and hand it over to corporates."

Meanwhile, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad responded to Rahul's comments and said that 'TRAI can make a recommendation under TRAI act but the final decision rests with the government.'

Prasad said: "Today Rahul Gandhi talks about net neutrality. We would like to know how and why UPA government blocked twitter handles." Replying back to Rahul's corporate allegation, Prasad said that the government was not under any corporate pressure.

Talking to reporters outside Parliament, Rahul linked the issue of net neutrality with NDA's land acquisition law alleging that after land, the government is now trying to hand over Internet to the industrialists at the cost of youths.

"This government, which belongs to the corporates and the industrialists is snatching land from farmers, labourers and tribals.

I am fighting for that. Congress is fighting for that. I had thought that since the Internet users, the youths had supported Modiji, he will protect their Internet (rights)."

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