We want Narendra Modi, asserts young students at Manthan finale

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Narendra Modi
New Delhi, Oct 2: Speaking about the importance of voter registration, Modi said that being a voter is a matter of pride but this is not happening. We need to be proud to be voters.

The CM claimed, "If I become a voter I become a Bhagya Vidhata of India. Let this message spread through the CAG. The ideas we get from people have the strength to take the nation ahead."

Explaining his vision, the BJP PM candidate also informed, "Log into India 272 there is an Open Debate Forum where you can give your suggestions. I assure your efforts will not go in vain."

Modi concluded his speech with signature tune -- Bharat Mata ki Jai. The venue was echoed with "Modi!Modi!" chant. Young students, who were present at Manthan finale, raised their voices saying, "We want Modi".

Modi makes fun at 'silent' PM Manmohan Singh:
Making fun at the prime minister Manmohan Singh, Modi taunted him for his "silent" nature. Manmohan Singh has been facing criticism for his nature. Recalling his one meeting with Singh, Modi said that how he once had an one-sided interaction with the PM.

Modi explains meaning of secularism:
Students at the event asked Modi what he thinks about "secularism".

Explaining the meaning, the Gujarat CM said secularism according to him is -- nation first. poverty does not have any religion. Poverty does not visit any temple, mosque or church, rather poor people of this country needs financial security, claimed Modi.

Modi said, "Secularism in nation first, India first.Justice to all, appeasement to none. No votebank politics. Poor is poor, immaterial if he goes to Temple, Mosque or Gurudwara."

"For some secularism is to mislead the people. What PM was saying were dialogues of the 1980s. Nation needs development," he added.

Modi breaks silence over SC order on corrupt MPs:
Taking a question on corrupted MPs and MLAs from a student, Modi recalled the latest verdict delivered by the Supreme Court. The student asked, what an Indian should do if he/she likes a party but the party candidate is corrupt or a criminal.

Reiterating the apex court, Modi said that the court has already got an answer to the question. According to the court, all convicted MLAs and MPs will face disqualification to become an MP.

Modi finds solution for farmer suicide crisis:
Speaking at the finale of Manthan organised by CAG, found a solution to farmer suicide crisis. The Gujarat CM claimed that the country should utilise its technology to empower farmers and other people who do not have access to power of technology and laboratories.

Providing solutions to problems faced by farmers in the country, Modi said, "We can divide agriculture into 3 parts. Regular farming, animal husbandry, agro forestry. If we want agriculture revolution then LAB TO LAND approach is needed."

Expressing his disappointment with the Central government, the Gujarat CM said, "There is nothing happening on measuring of the land. This has given tension to farmers also."

Watch Narendra Modi in Delhi Manthan Finale:
Gujaratis are the best tourists, claimed Modi while interwhile interacting wityh young students at the finale of Manthan in the national capital on Gandhi Jayanti. Watch Live Video here.

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Narendra Modi faces difficult questions from students:
BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi, while attending the finale of Manthan in Delhi, faced difficult questions from the young students of Indian colleges across the country. Now, the Gujarat Chief Minister is taking all questions one by one.

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