Narendra Modi takes on Congress, Aam Aadmi Party

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Narendra Modi takes on Cong, AAP
New Delhi, Dec 2: The capital witnessed a lot of rallies and campaigns in the last one week and Sunday was no different either, when Narendra Modi signed off in style at the last rally prior to the Delhi assembly elections.

On Sunday, when BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi walked on the stage, he was in the mood for some serious business. Speaking to the crowd Modi said: "You can supress Mulayam Singh, you can suppress Mayawati but remember this is Narendra Modi and I come from the land of Sardar Patel."

'More the muck Congress throws, more lotus will blossom'

He then went with all his guns blazing and hit out at Congress saying that the more muck they threw, the more lotus will blossom, pointing out at the BJP's symbol. He raked up the scams and the false promises that the Congress party was responsible for sought support for the BJP to bring in winds of change in Delhi. 

Just went the crowd thought that he was done for the day, he lashed out at the Aam Aadmi Party and its CM candidate Arvind Kejriwal saying that when Kejriwal could not stand by Anna Hazare, how could he stand for the people of Delhi?

Even the venue chosen for Modi's rally was the same one where a week back Rahul Gandhi's rally's was held and CM Sheila DIikshit was seen trying her best to convince people to listen to Gandhi.

With Monday being the last day for the parties to wind up their election campaigns, we will have to wait and watch whether the Modi factor will work or not?

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