Minor in Shakti Mills, Nirbhaya case may escape harsh punishment

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Minors may escape harsh punishment
Mumbai, Dec 3: Even as the Centre's proposal to reduce the age of juvenile accused in heinous crimes from 18 to 16 is being considered, those juveniles who are already accused of such crimes will not be affected.

Juveniles, aged between 16-18 and accused of heinous crimes, such as the Delhi gangrape case and the Mumbai Shakti Mill photojournalist gangrape case, are usually tried under the Juveline Justice Act and in a Juvenile Justice board instead of a criminal court.

Maximum punishment meted out for a juvenile is 3 years in remand home

However those who are currently accused and are undergoing trial like the juveniles in the Delhi gangrape and Shakti Mill gangrape case will not be tried under the new law, if changes are made. The maximum punishment meted out for a juvenile is three years in a remand home.

Even if any amends are made to the existing law, the juveniles in the above two cases won't face strict punishment.

There is a huge hue and cry over the issue with many experst saying that lowering the age of juvenile may not be the best option. This comes to light after the juvenile in the Delhi gangrape case, who at the time of the crime was 17 but turned 18 at the time of the verdict was termed as the 'most depraved.'

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