Madhu Bhaduri: AAP has the mentality of khap panchayats

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AAP co-founder Madhu Bhaduri quits
New Delhi, Feb 3: Cracks within the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are getting deeper and wider by the day, with another party member expressing her dissent with the party.

Just two days after AAP co-founder Madhu Bhaduri said that she would quit three core commitees from the AAP, reports on Sunday night suggested that she had completely distanced herself from the AAP.

Bhaduri alleged that she was being heckeld by the party members and that the party was 'ill-treating women.' "I have just one issue and that is humanity and women are humans, but in this party, women are not considered as humans," she said.

Speaking to a news channel she said that the 'party had the mentality of the khap panchayats.' "There is no space for women. If the other women leaders have any self respect, they will quit too," she said.

Bhaduri: If the other women leaders have any self respect, they will quit too

Bhaduri, a former Indian Ambassador and co-founder of AAP, wanted the party to adopt a resolution against Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti for conducting a raid in Khirki where Ugandan nationals, specially women were forced to give urine samples in a hospital on charges of drug abuse.

However, Bhaduri said that her resolution was not adopted by the party, who continued to support Bharti.

Meanwhile, AAP has dismissed Bhaduri's allegations and said that 'her opinion is an individual opinion. "It is not the party's opinion," AAP member Ashutosh said.

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