Not only politically, loss of key states will hurt Congress financially too

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New Delhi, Oct 25: The Congress has lost in a number of big states since February 2012 when Rahul Gandhi faced a major debacle in Uttar Pradesh. In the next 32 months, the Congress has lost in a series of elections, losing key states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan and Haryana in the process. It also lost power in West Bengal where it was jointly in government with the Trinamool Congress.

The grand-old party also fared miserably in the general election in April and May when its tally reached an all-time low of 44.

Experts do not expect the party do anything spectacular in the next set of elections scheduled in Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Delhi after its loss in Maharashtra and Haryana.

But the Congress's worries don't end with the political losses. With the party already in the Opposition at the Centre, it is bound to face a financial strain and an indication towards this had come when the Congress tightened its budget during the last general election and also during the recent assembly polls.

According to reports, a number of Congress candidates in Maharashtra and Haryana did not get enough monetary support from the All-India Congress Committee. Other sources said the party had even withheld funds for it did not expect good result in these two states.

Now, with two progressive states like Maharahstra and Haryana going out of its hand, the Congress's coffers are certainly going to suffer, causing more discomfort to the party.

Karnataka is the only big state remaining with the Congress and the latter will heavily depend on it for its resources. But apart from that, it is looking absolutely gloomy for the party at the moment.

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