CNN-IBN election tracker: The trend in South India

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New Delhi, April 1: The CNN-IBN's election tracker for the upcoming Lok Sabha election done jointly with the Lokniti, CSDS and The Week between March 18 and 25 revealed the following figures in various states:

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Tamil Nadu (39 seats)

Forty-six per cent of those surveyed is satisfied with AIADMK government of Jayalalithaa while it is -7 per cent with the UPA government. Only 19% feels the UPA government should be back for another chance. Twenty per cent of those questioned feels price rise is the most important factor in this year's poll.

Predicted vote-share and seats

AIADMK may get 32% vote share, as against 23% in 2009 (15-21 seats)

DMK may get 23% vote share, as against 28% in 2009 (10-16 seats)

BJP may get 22% vote share, same as that in 2009 (6-10 seats)

Congress may get 12% vote share, as against 15% in 2009 (zero seats)

Narendra Modi is the most preferred PM in Tamil Nadu (24% backed him) while Jayalalithaa is second with backing of 17%. Only 19% feels that the decision of Jayalalithaa to release the killers of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was wrong.

Kerala (20 seats)

Ten per cent satisfied with the UDF government in the state. Fift-five per cent believes price rise is the most important issue in this election.

Predicted vote-share and seats

UDF may get 45% vote-share, as against 48% in 2009 (11-17 seats)

LDF may get 36% vote-share, as against 42% in 2009 (4-8 seats)

BJP may get 11% vote-share, as against 6% in 2009

Others may get 8% vote-share, as against 4% in 2009

Rahul Gandhi has backing of 24% of those surveyed as the most preferred PM while Narendra Modi has a backing of 12%.

Andhra Pradesh (42 seats)

Fifty-three per cent in Telangana is satisfied with the UPA government while 25% in Seemandhra is satisfied.

Forty per cent of TDP voters is in favour of allying with the BJP while 59% of the BJP voters backs the alliance.

Thirty-seven per cent of those polled in Telangana feels TRS leader Chandrasekhar Rao gets the credit for the bifurcation.

Predicted vote-share and seats

Congress may get 18% vote-share, as against 39% in 2009 (4-8 seats)

TDP may get 29% vote-share, as against 25% in 2009 (13-19 seats)

YSR Congress may get 21% vote share (9-15 seats)

TRS may get get 13% vote-share, as against 6 in 2009 (4-8 seats)

Twenty-one per cent of those surveyed in Telangana backs both Modi and Rahul Gandhi as preferred PM. In Seemandhra, however, only 3% backs Rahul as PM while 30% backs Modi.

Karnataka (28 seats)

Fifty-seven per cent satisfied with the Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka while 38% satisfied with the UPA government. Nineteen per cent thinks development is the most important poll issue while only 10% believes price rise is.

Fifty per cent of the BJP workers in Karnataka backs the BJP's decision to bring back BS Yeddyurappa while 45% said no.

Predicted vote-share and seats

BJP may get 36% votes, as against 42% in 2009 (7-13 seats)

Congress may get 46% vote-share, as against 38% in 2009 (12-18 seats)

JDS may get 13% vote-share, as against 12% in 2009 (1-4 seats)

Thirty-two per cent of those surveyed in Karnataka backs Modi as the preferred PM while 27% backs Rahul Gandhi.

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