J&K: Govt wants to put an end to the propaganda

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New Delhi, Sept 6: The Union Government is planning renewed strategy to sort out the Kashmir issue. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh who led an all party delegation to Jammu and Kashmir briefed the Prime Minister about the visit.

He also met the chief of the Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing to discuss the Kashmir issue. The government proposes several measures to sort the issue in Kashmir that has been on the boil since the past 60 days.

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J&K: Govt wants an end to the propaganda

Highly placed sources informed OneIndia that the measures that are being proposed are long term. While the restoration of peace would be the immediate priority, the government is planning a long term strategy to ensure that such a situation does not arise again.

Brand new strategy

The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said that there was a section which was spreading rumours to keep the unrest alive. The Intelligence Bureau and the R&AW will work on this issue to ensure that such propaganda is not spread.

Several social media accounts are already being examined and there will strict action to ensure that such material does not crop up.

The government also plans on withdrawing all facilities such as security and travel to the Kashmiri separatists. The government is contemplating strict measures to withdraw such perks and instructions have already been given to the state government in J&K.

Sources say that the government while planning a long term solution would also discuss the matter in Parliament. While suggestions for a comprehensive plan would be sought in Parliament, the government also proposes to continue with its Track II strategy.

Rajnath Singh will meet with Muslim clerics later on Tuesday to discuss the situation.

The government is also contemplating on releasing a large grant to the state. It was proposed during a presentation made by the state government when the all party delegation visited the state on Sunday and Monday.

The union government will continue to engage civil society and the idea would be to change the perception that some people in the state have.

With regard to the separatists, the government said that they had blown a chance to meet with the members of the delegation and discuss the issue. "There cannot be any ego in such matters," a government official said.

The government says that all stake holders are welcome to talk provided it is done under the ambit of the Indian Constitution.

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