India will hit Pak, but Govt does not need to say when and how

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New Delhi, Sept 20: The Union Government is under a lot of pressure to act against Pakistan in the aftermath of the Uri attack. There are a barrage of tweets and messages calling on the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to strike Pakistan.

While the government too realises that Pakistan cannot get away each time by carrying out an attack, there are also a number of considerations that need to be taken into account.

Uri attack: Centre under pressure to act

A senior officer in the defence who does not wish to be named tells OneIndia that the the army will execute whatever the government decides. The government will also decide at what level it wants a military operation to be launched.

The officer also notes that attacks on foreign soil cannot be planned overnight. What people must understand no one wants to enter enemy territory and suffer casualties. If we are taking of a hill feature, then there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. If I am going into an area that is not my own, I will have to do a lot of ground work, the officer notes.

"Going to war is not like preparing a samosa. The army would need to do ground work. After all we are walking into enemy territory or a terrain we are not familiar with. We need to understand how to sustain ourselves and ensure that our line of support is secure. There has to be a rehearsal and also technical strategies need to be worked out, " the officer further notes.

"India has acted wisely. Pakistan did expect that there would be a knee jerk reaction on our party. Why should the government declare the intention. We will retaliate for sure, but at a time of our choosing," the officer further notes.

I am sure there will be action against Pakistan. It will be done at some level. There is no question of physical action not taking place, he also adds.

On the threat of nuclear weapons, the officer says that we must not reach that threshold where the use of such weapons becomes necessary. In a conventional operation, no country can afford to fire a nuclear weapon.

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