In Uri terrorists tool kit: Lip conditioners, combs, energy drinks

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New Delhi, Sept 26: A hair comb and a lip conditioner formed part of the things that were carried by the four terrorists who carried out the Uri attack. A juice box, almonds, dates, energy drinks and raisins also formed part of the kit that the terrorists carried along with them.

Apart from this there were GPS sets, wireless sets, mobile phones and the assault rifles along with other ammunition that were found on the terrorists. Officials investigating the case say that the amount of things they had carried along with them showed that they were in for a long haul and wanted to cause as much damage as possible.

Combs, lip balms in Uri attackers' bag

Data deleted:

Preliminary investigations suggest that the data on the GPS sets were deleted once the terrorsits reached the army camp at Uri. This was clearly a deliberate ploy on their part to avoid a trail leading up to Pakistan.

During the Pathankot attack investigation, officials were able to clearly pin point the route taken by the terrorists based on the data on the GPS sets.

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However, investtigators say that this should not be a stumbling block. Based on the serial numbers, investigators would be able to ascertain the purchase details of the equipment. Once the investigators get the details of the purchase, it would be sent to Pakistan for further confirmation.

It was clear that the terrorsits were on a suicide mission. They were also in for the long haul. The chests of the terrorists were shaved and this is an indicator that they had performed some rites and came to die.

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