In Pics: Arvind Kejriwal's failed promises as a CM

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New Delhi, Mar 27: When Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal announced his candidature for the Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi against Narendra Modi, the crowd cheered happily.

But there are many questions that linger in our mind and make us think what about all those promises that Arvind Kejriwal made? Promises that he would never join forces with either the BJP or the Congress, that Sheila Dikshit will be sent to jail on corruption charges, that AAP would end the VIP culture.

Surely his government did accomplish many things that some governments failed to but in the longer run, can people actually trust him?

Here are a few promises that we think Mr Kejriwal failed to live upto-

Rose to power after alliance with Congress

Arvind Kejriwal had said that he would swear on his kids that he would never join hands with BJP or the Congress, but a few weeks later he was seen forming the govt with Congress's help.

Putting an end to VIP culture

Before taking the CM's post, Kejriwal had said that he and the AAP would put an end to the VIP culture. But when on dharna's and campaigns he was seen moving with a large entourage of policemen.

'Will file FIR against Sheila Dikshit'

Kejriwal had said that he had enough proof against Sheila Dikshit in the CWG scam that she would be behind bars. When AAP's anti-corruption unit filed a report, Dikshit's name was not mentioned in it.

Kejriwal lives life King size

Kejriwal said that he was an aam aadmi, and that he would continue to live like one. But he was given two government houses, which he first accepted then settled for a four-bedroom house after much protest.

Deaths continue inspite of Kejriwal's cold shelter

Kejriwal's government transformed many old buses into night shelters for the homeless, but the number of deaths during his government continued to climb.

Kejriwal scarps 'Janta Darbar'

In a unique way to hear out people's problem, Arvind Kejriwal's idea of Janta Darbar fell flat after chaos prevailed on the very first day of the Janta Darbar.

Lokpal Bill drama

Arvind Kejriwal had claimed that his government would make sure that the Jan Lokpal Bill would pass but on facing little resistance, he along with his cabinet ministers resigned from their respective posts leaving the Jan Lokpal Bill in the hanging.

Controversies galore during Kejriwal's regime

Arvind Kejriwal's stint as a CM was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. From controversial statements on Modi, media and other political leaders to dharnas, Kejriwal was in the news always.

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