Foreign funding row: Kejriwal, Bhushan launch counter attack

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AAP, BJP,Cong caught in funding row
New Delhi, Nov 12: "The party received donations from NRIs and not any foreigners," said Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, on the accusations that the party had been accepting foreign funds to contest the upcoming assembly elections.

Hitting back at BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, Kejriwal said that 'Swamy was speaking on BJP's behalf.' "There is a match fixing between Congress and the BJP and this is all a part of it," he hit back at the two parties. He also said that receiving money from NRIs is not a crime.

On asking about the allegations against the party receiving foreign funding he said, "Let them investigate, if anything is proven against us, we are ready to face double punishment," he added.

Kejriwal: Receiving money from NRIs is not a crime

Speaking on the allegations levied on the AAP, Prashant Bhushan also clarified that the party had received funds only from NRIs who held an Indian passport. "We have been careful not to take funds from any NRI who even has a foriegn passport," he said.

Bhushan then alleged that parties like Congress and BJP had collected crores in the name of donations. "Most of these donations have come from big companies who have illicit benefits," he said.

"Foreign companies like Vedanta have also donated so much to these parties and they point at AAP," he said.

Congress had now demanded that the AAP must reveal all the names of its donors. "If there is nothing to hide then why doesn't the AAP declare all the details," said a Cong spokesperson.

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