Foreign-funded NGOs: Has Modi changed, asks a miffed Madhu Kishwar

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New Delhi, June 20: Academic-activist Madhu Kishwar on Thursday took on the Narendra Modi government at the Centre, accusing it of handling the issue of foreign funding by NGOs in a ham-handed manner.

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In a series of posts on Twitter, Kishwar said many foreign-funded NGOs were playing much sinister role than what the Intelligence Bureau suggested and the Narendra Modi government was handling the issue ham-handedly.

In another tweet, Kishwar requested the Centre to appoint a commission headed by Supreme Court judge to investigate the role of foreign-funded NGOs in a transparent manner. She felt arbitrary action against select NGOs would only make martyrs out of them.

In another tweet, Kishwar asked if Modi has changed after becoming the prime minister. She said: "Too many actions of Modi govt totally out of sync with @narendramodi who was Gujarat CM. Can't make sense. Has Modi changed so drastically?"

Kishwar said it was not wise to pick one NGO and rather conduct a thorough probe

Kishwar said picking only Greenpeace was not a wise decision for there were several other NGOs who were also culprits. She also criticized Medha Patkar's Narmada Bachaon Andolan, accusing it of leading the brigade of culprits. She said the government should appoint a panel for comprehensive investigation.

This is not the first time that Kishwar, known for her pro-Modi stand, has criticised the new government at the Centre under the BJP leader. She expressed her strong reservations after actor-politician Smriti Irani was made the Human Resource Development minister.

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