Fareed Zakaria calls Indian prime minister "this guy"... we object to this!

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Fareed Zakaria
New Delhi, Sept 20: Indian-American journalist and author Fareed Zakaria termed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a "guy" while speaking to English news channel CNN-IBN on Saturday.

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Praising Modi, who he spoke during an interview for the CNN which will be aired on Sunday, Zakaria said the latter has a sense of humour and is driven and has a long-term agenda. But while saying this, Zakaria termed the prime minister as "this guy" [see 6.32 minutes in the video in this link].

Should one term a leader of a country as a guy? It is all the more disappointing when a scholar of international fame like Zakaria calls a prime minister without a minimum respect. Is the man very upset because he had to utter kind words on Modi, whom he had bashed two years ago saying he was not likely to become the face of India?

Zakaria said he would have a different take on Modi had he met him earlier

Zakaria also made a mockery of his journalistic self when he told the interviewer that had he met Modi before, he shouldn't have made such an evaluation of the man. Zakaria also defended his past views on Modi saying some of the BJP's own leader would not have also expected Modi to become the PM like him. "I underestimated Narendra Modi," he said.

But even while correcting his course of Modi, Zakaria terms the latter as "the guy". He said he has met a number of international leaders. Does he describe them as guys as well? If he does, it is really shameful act. Shouldn't we, the people of India, raise an objection to Zakaria's casual calling of the country's prime minister?

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