Disabled DU professor's house raided, teachers cry foul

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DU Professor's house raided
New Delhi, Sept 13: The house of a disabled DU professor was raided by a joint team of Maharastra and Delhi police on Thursday for allegedly using his residence to store stolen property.

The residence of English professor GN Saibaba was raided by a team of 50 police personnel on Thursday against allegations that he housed stolen property in his house. Saibaba teaches at the Ram Lal Anand College.

The incident was condemned by a group of DU teachers who alleged that the act was a 'invasion of privacy and the violation of basic rights' of the professor.

According to reports, the teachers alleges that during the raid, the police had confined Saibaba and his family and prevented them from making or receiving any calls. They even alleged that they (teachers) were prevented from meeting Saibaba, when they went to see him.

The police, according to the teachers' statement, confiscated a large number of pen-drives, files, a laptop and mobile phones, none of which were stolen property.

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