Dhaka terror attack: What India's dossier to Bangladesh said

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New Delhi, July 2: India had recently prepared a dossier in which it had stated that terrorist groups working under different names had planned on establishing a Greater Bangladesh which merges Bangladesh with West Bengal. As a first step they intended setting up modules in West Bengal, Meghalaya and Assam in a bid to create several mini Bangladeshs' and then take the plan to next level.

The dossier also pointed to the splinter groups within Bangladesh which are making the setting up of such modules a possibility within India. India had listed the names of several splinter groups which are working for the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh the militant wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

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The Ansarulla Bangla, Jamayatul Muslimeen, Hepajat Islam and the Tanzim Tamiruddin are the splinter groups which are offering support to the Jamaat and this needs to be checked by the Bangladesh government.

The political situation:

Further the dossier also states that these groups are taking advantage of the political situation in Bangladesh and this has added to the problem and made these terror groups strong.

Also Bangladesh was told about the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent which calls for the establishment of a caliphate with the help of Bangladesh militant groups specifically. Bangladesh will also be told about the landing of the Rohingya Muslims on their soil in a bid to set up a stronger network.

The dossier further spoke about the camps in Bandarban and also in Chittagong and said that these camps need to be neutralized in order to clip the wings of these terror groups. People are trained here and sent to West Bengal, Meghalaya and Assam and in turn they are setting up modules. While these camps need to be decimated it is also needs for strong cooperation along the border areas to stop the infilration, the dossier would also state.

The socio-economic-political situation is also being taken advantage of while carrying out the infiltration and joint efforts between the two Intelligence agencies and also the Border forces would be the need of the hour to prevent any further influx.

Terror groups are using socio-economic and political conditions to infiltrate their members into India. During the questioning of the several operatives it has come to light that the political instability and the need to set up an Islamic state is what has prompted these modules to become more aggressive.


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