Delhi polls: Will Delhi witness a stable government?

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Delhi: Exit polls predict Hung Assembly
The worst fears of most political parties in Delhi may just come true. On Wednesday, when Delhi witnessed a record breaking turnout of 66 per cent for the assembly elections, many political parties sat with their fingers crossed.

With the voting in place, party leaders flashed the victory sign, confident that their party would win the elections. Though many opinion polls predicted a hung assembly in the capital, parties went on to claim that they had a majority, citing many internal and other surveys, some even bashing the opinion polls alleging that it was baised.

AAP, BJP, Cong have ruled out chances of any alliance with each other

But Wednesday's exit polls had a different story to tell. According to most of the exit polls, Delhi may witness a hung assembly contrary to the claims of political biggies. However if the exit poll predictions does come true, what will be the next step for Delhi?

The exit polls suggest that no party will win a majority but BJP is likely to be the single largest party in the capital. In such a scenario, there are two possible solutions- one a coalition government may be formed between the single largest party and the support of other parties. Second, Delhi may come under the President's rule if the coalition fails to materialise, which means that it will have to vote again within six months from December 17.

Since all the three major parties in the capital- AAP, BJP, Congress have ruled out chances of any alliances with each other, Delhi is most likely to be under the President's rule and if a fresh election indeed does take place, it will coincide with the Lok Sabha elections next year.

For the time being, all eyes are now set on the December 8 results that will give a clear idea on what does Delhi have in store for the future.

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