Delhi: Burial grounds face space crunch, no 'rest in peace' for the dead

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New Delhi, Apr 28: Looks like there is no 'rest in peace' after your death thanks to the skyrocketing prices of graveyards in the Capital.

According to a report in DailyMail, encroachment has resulted in space crunch, which in turn is making things difficult for people to lay their loved ones in peace. So much so that at many cemetries, the plot goes up on auction.

Delhi: No 'rest in peace' for the dead

Several caretakers at the cemetries lament how urbanisation has resulted in a space crunch. "The prices go up and whoever is willing to pay a higher amount is allotted the burial space," says one caretaker.

A burial at a Christian cemetery costs between Rs 3,000 and Rs 10,000 whereas the cost of burial at most Muslim graveyards in Delhi begins at Rs 5,000.

People have approached higher authorities seeking land space in order to peacefully bury the bodies of their loved ones. Both the Christian and the Muslim community have been facing the crunch for a while now.

Encroachement and urbanisation is to be blamed, residents complian. Agricultural land makes way for multi storey buildings whereas nearby lands have been occupied by colonies. "There is no space left for expansion," officials say.

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