Defence expert Praful Bakshi blames poor quality spare parts for Naval mishaps

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Praful Bakshi speaks on Naval mishaps
New Delhi, Nov 7: Recent sinking of a Navy vessel off the Visakhapatnam coast has raised serious concerns over naval ships, said Defence expert Praful Bakshi.

"When there is lack of spare parts and we don't manufacture it, this happens," Bakshi said.

"It seems that the bad luck that has stuck Navy since two- three years is continuing. The sinking of these vessels in accidents and slip-ups are probably creating a lot problem as far as the good name of the Navy is concerned," said Bakshi.

"The sailors and fighter men also get worried about the whole thing as to why such things are happening. Is the reason safety or old parts not being re-placed?" he asked.

"We all know that Navy is a very old and professional service. Supervision is probably not the culprit. I am not certain, but the reason could be the worn out parts which have not have been re-placed," he added.

He questioned as to how quickly such issues can be resolved.

"It could be something else, could be sabotage, could be so many other things. Let us leave this to the enquiry and then make a statement after the enquiry is completed," he said.

A Torpedo Recovery Vessel, TRV-72 was deployed for a routine torpedo recovery mission. On completion, the vessel was returning to the harbour, when it reported flooding in its steering gear compartment.

Naval ships in the vicinity were immediately rushed to render assistance. Additionally, Dornier and Boeing P8I aircrafts were also deployed.

TRV-72 of the Indian Navy on Thursday night sunk off the Visakhapatnam coast during a naval exercise killing one sailor while four others went missing.

According to reports, 23 personnel have been rescued safely by Indian naval ships, out of the 28 sailors who were on board at the time of the incident.

TRV-72 was built at Goa Shipyard and was commissioned into the Indian Navy on 23 February 1983.

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