CI ops: A two-week IB programme to restore normalcy in the Valley

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New Delhi, Sept 12: The Intelligence Bureau (IB) will carry out a two week operation in Jammu and Kashmir to flush out the militants who have mingled with the protestors. The Home Ministry which drew up a 2-week Counter Intelligence Operation plan (CI Ops) has directed the Intelligence Bureau to coordinate with the army in the Valley and flush out the militants.

The intelligence bureau had reported to the Ministry for Home Affairs that the protests are not dying down because ideologically driven terrorists are now part of the protestors. The violence is not dying down due to these terrorists who are dragging the Valley towards ISIS ideology.

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J&K:IB given 2 weeks to restore normalcy

Focus South Kashmir

The crux of the problem today lies in the South Kashmir area. IB officials have reported that the epicentre of the violence has been South Kashmir where several militants have slipped in. Eye witnesses have reported terrorists moving around freely with automatic weapons with the protestors.

As per the plan, the IB with the help of the army will launch an aggressive 2-week CI Op. As per this plan, the militants would be identified and killed.

Further the plan would also focus on bringing the infiltrations to a grinding halt, which have gone up since violence broke out in the Valley on July 9.

The Home Ministry has issued a deadline of two weeks to restore normalcy in the Valley. The ministry says that the priority is to ensure that normal life resumes. Curfew will be lifted and the presence of the army will be minimised once the 2 week operation is completed.

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