Arvind Kejriwal quits as Delhi CM after 49 days of governance

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Arvind Kejriwal quits as Delhi CM
New Delhi, Feb 14: Keeping true to his promise, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today stepped down from his post after the Jan Lokpal Bill failed to take off in the Delhi Assembly.

Kejriwal addressing his party workers said: "I have given my resignation to the Lt Governor. This is my resignation. If If I have given my life for the country, I will not hesitate."

He said that the BJP and the Congress did not reduce corruption in 60 years, 'we did it in 45 days. "The people of this country will teach the BJP and the Congress a lesson in the Lok Sabha elections. I pray to God to give me strength to die for my country," he said.

Meanwhile his supporters continued to support his decision saying that in case elections were held again, they would vote him to power.

Kejriwal: I pray to God to give me strength to die for my country

Hitting out at the Opposition he said that 'If the MLAs break mikes in the Assembly it is constitutional, but if I want to introduce the Bill it is not constitutional.' "After the FIR, Mukesh Ambani said ' AAP government is like a thorn in my side', he said.

On Friday, while speaking in the Delhi Assembly, what looked more like his farewell speech, he said that he would sacrifice the government for his fight against corruption.

"If I have to resign not once but a thousand times, I will do it. This is could be our last session in the Delhi Assembly," he said, hinting at his resignation.

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