After sting op Arvind Kejriwal sings Modi tune, praises him

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Arvind Kejriwal praises PM Modi
New Delhi, Sept 10: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal is singing a different tune these days. Two days after AAP released a video alleging that BJP was indulging in horsetrading and had offered Rs 4 crore to its MLA, Kejriwal on Tuesday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In an interview to Headlines Today, Kejriwal said that the people of the country have a lot of hopes from the Modi government. "Popular assesment is that the Modi government is low on delivery, but still there are high hopes.

People had high hopes initially that inflation, corruption and prices would come down but on that front people's hopes have been betrayed. But people still have hopes and are willing to give him (Modi) more time," he said.

On asking if Modi was the most popular leader in the country, Kejriwal agreed and said that perhaps Modi was indeed the most popular leader.

Kejriwal: People still have hopes and are willing to give him (Modi) more time

When asked if he regreted contesting the Lok Sabha election against Modi, Kejriwal said that he had no regrets. "There was this propaganda against me that I was being too ambitious and wanted to be the PM, which is false.

I never had that ambition. It is impossible for a nascent party to get any seats in the parliamentary elections at that scale. I personally was against fighting the elections. I resigned from the CM post because we actually thought that immediately there will be Delhi elections where we would get a clear majority and run Delhi for the next five years," he said.

This comes a day after Kejriwal's close aide and party leader Kumar Vishwas too parised Narendra Modi and said that ' if the PM does well I have the right to praise him.' "Modi is comparatively a better PM than Manmohan Singh," Vishwas said. 

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Vishwas has been invited to perform at at event in Gujarat on the occasion of Modi's birthday on Sept 17.

(Watch the interview here)

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