AAP: Drag us to court if we turn corrupt after winning the elections

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AAP promotes clean politics
New Delhi, Oct 8: To make sure that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its members maintain a clean political image, the AAP has been distributing pledge letters drafted on legal papers in the capital. The party members, who have been propagating a corruption-free and austere image, have begun to distribute these pamphlets so that the voters can take them seriously.

The pamphlet in question has a notary attested affidavit stating that, if elected, the AAP candidates would not claim the entitlements of an MLA. In the claims it states that victorious candidates will not use cars with beacons, nor opt for personal security or use government accommodation, that most MLAs enjoy.

The affidavits were filed by the AAP candidates in the month of June before getting the party tickets.

AAP candidates ready to be taken to court if they turn corrupt

In one of the affidavits Vinod Kumar Binni, a candidate from Laxmi Nagar Constituency has pledged that he will forego all luxuries that an MLA enjoys. "I will not opt for a vehicle with a beacon. I will not apply for security personnel. I will stay in my own house and will also not take up accommodation given to MLAs," Binni's pledge read.

According to the party members, the affidavits were a proof of clean politics that they have been focussing on. Manish Sisodia, AAP spokesperson said that the affidavit was a legal document and that if they did not adhere to it, they could be dragged to the court.

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