Social activist Medha Patkar, NAPM to support AAP

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Medha Patkar to support AAP
Mumbai, Jan 13: Amidst speculations of joining forces with Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), social activist and NAPM leader Medha Patkar on Monday addressed the reporters and said that her party would join forces with the AAP.

"Our battle has always been to get justice for those affected by the Narmada Dam and only for other social causes," she said.

Speaking about the current political scenario in the country she said that 'there was no equality in India even though the Consitution gurantees it.' "Political parties have become very corrupt," she said.

Praising the AAP she said that the AAP has been working towards the issues of the common man. "AAP has shown that politics can be clean and corruption-free. We welcome that the AAP has kept up the people's participation even after being in power.

Patkar: It's time for a new wave in Indian politics

We have decided that many people's campaigns will back the AAP completely from here on. We give unconditional support to the AAP," she said. She went on to say that the AAP had strength, vision and passion.

"We want to get into parliamentary politics and highlight social causes. It's time for a new wave in Indian politics," she said.

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