Salman Khan finally reaches home, fans gather to cheer for actor

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Mumbai, May 6: Bollywood actor Salman Khan on Wednesday was convicted of all the charges against him in the 2002 hit-and-run-case and was sentenced to five years in prison. The judge, while reading the charges against Salman Khan said that at the time of the accident Khan was under the influence of alcohol.

All charges against Khan were proven. He was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. However, Bombay High Court granted him 2-day interim bail till Friday, May 8.

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Salman convicted in hit-and-run case

8:00 pm: The actor finally reached home at Bandra where more than 600 fans gathered to get a glimpse of Salman Khan.

7:10 pm: Salman Khan left Mumbai Sessions Court. The actor will reach his residence in Bandra by 9 pm. His family members, friends and fans are waiting for him.

7:00 pm: All official paper works at the Sessions Court are done and Salman Khan is expected to go home shortly.

6:40 pm: Fans gathered outside Salman's residence just to get a glimpse of the star. However, the actor is still in the sessions court and now sources informed that he can leave the court premises by 8 pm.

6:30 pm: Salman Khan is expected leave court premises by 7 pm.

6:15 pm: Salman Khan is still Mumbai Sessions Court. He is expected to leave the court premises within a few minutes.

5:30 pm: Salman Khan's car arrived at Mumbai Sessions Court to take him back to his Bandra (W) residence.

5:16 pm: While arguing for Salman Khan, senior lawyer Harish Salve said, "Cannot put someone in jail without the order. Please give time till day after. We have only received the operative part of the order."

5:08 pm: Salman Khan will go home today, won't go to jail.

5:05 pm: Bombay High Court granted 2 days interim bail to Salman Khan since lower court judgment copy was not given in time to the court.

4:48 pm: Salman Khan got interim bail from Bombay High Court. The actor got the bail till Friday. The court will hear the case again on Friday.

4:45 pm: Bail please hearing in Bombay High Court begins in 2002 hit-and-run case involving Salman Khan. Senior lawyer Harish Salve has been arguing for the actor.

4:40 pm: One of the victims of 2002 hit-and-run case, Mohd Kalim said, "We are happy with the verdict in which Salman Khan has been found gulity. But we should also be given compensation."

4:25 pm: Salman Khan's bail plea hearing in the Bombay High Court at 4:30 pm.

4:14 pm: Senior lawyer Harish Salve, who had fought for former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa, reportedly will argue for Salman Khan in Bombay High Court.

3:47 pm: Salman Khan's medical test to be conducted in JJ hospital in Mumbai.

3.22 pm: The Bombay High Court will hear the bail plea filed by Salman Khan at 4 pm.

3.20 pm: Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya sparks controversy with his offensive tweets on Salman Khan's verdict.

3.05 pm: Salman's lawyer and sister have reached the Bombay High Court to appeal for bail.

2.49 pm: Salman Khan's finger prints being taken, will undergo medical test before being shifted to Arthur Road Jail

2.15 pm: Prosecution to move a perjury application against Salman's driver Ashok Singh for giving false testimony (PTI)

2.05 pm: Salman Khan's lawyer says no decision on appeal will be made till they have a copy of the judgment in hand

1.42 pm: Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years jail, it was conferred that he was the one driving the car: Abha Singh

1.40 pm: Salman Khan shocked by sentence, sits down and breaks down into tears - ANI

1.33 pm: Salman Khan will be taken to Arthur Road Jail tonight.

1.30 pm: No charges for perjury against Salman Khan's driver Ashok Singh. Court says no need to give more compensation.

1.28 pm: Bollywood actor Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years in jail in 2002 hit-and-run case

1.25 pm: Prosecution to move perjury application against Salman Khan's driver Ashok Singh for giving false testimony

1.20 pm: Sentencing in Salman Khan hit-and-run case delayed by power outage in court

1.14 pm: Sonakshi Sinha reaches Salman Khan's residence

1.10 pm:

1.08 pm: Lawyer submits Salman Khan's medical certificate in court.

12.45 pm: Sangeeta Bijlani reaches Salman Khan's residence

12.29 pm: Quantum of sentence to be pronounced at 1.10 pm.

12.26 pm: Prosecution seeks maximum punishment for Khan.

12.18 pm: Salman Khan's lawyer Shivade says Salman Khan has an illness, if he is jailed there should be some conditions for treatment

12.13 pm: Salman Khan lawyer's talks about 'Being Human' initiative and the fact that he sponsored heart surgeries of 600 children

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12.08 pm: Police has shut the doors of courtroom after spat with media

12.01 pm: Judge asks Salman, "What do you have to say, maximum sentence is 10 years." He says, "you are the judge. Whatever you say is correct".

11.57 am: Major ruckus inside court, judge stops proceedings temporarily

11.50 am: Sohail Khan leaves court premises as Salman Khan's mother falls ill at their residence: ANI

11.45 am: Salman Khan listens to verdict with tears in his eyes.

11.30 am: Meanwhile, Salman Khan's lawyer pleaded for maximum sentence of 2 years and a fine, keeping in mind Salman Khan's humanitarian work.

11.20 am: Salman Khan pronounced guilty in 2002 hit-and-run case.

Salman, who currently has seven movies in the pipeline, denied charges against him after the court asked him what he had to say. He said that he was not driving the car.

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