Drunken driving: Woman locks herself in car for hours in Mumbai

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Mumbai, June 16: Just days after a lawyer was accused of killing two in a hit-and-run case under the influence of alcohol [Hit-and-Run Case: After Salman Khan, now woman lawyer kills 2 in Mumbai], comes another case of a woman driving under the influence of alcohol.

The incident came to light on Monday night after a woman locked herself up in her car during a drink driving check. The woman was stopped in the suburbs of Bandra by police officials who were conducting the test.

Drunken driving: Woman booked in Mumbai

When the test showed alcohol more than the permissible limit, she rushed o her car and locked herself up. Police officials said that she sat for almost two hours in her car, played loud music and even abused the officers at duty.

Repeated attempts to get her out of the car failed. Finally officers had to smash her car window to force open the vehicle. The woman even tried to escape.

However she was booked and fined before being let go.

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