Mumbai’s first cultural festival to promote father-child bonding

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Festival to promote father-child bonding
Mumbai, Feb 11: Grooming Babies Global Pvt. Ltd. - an initiative by a group of corporate women willingly stepped aside to make motherhood their priority - is hosting a mega cultural festival to promote father child bonding.

'Under the Peepal Tree' is a two day cultural extravaganza that will bring forth the traditional art forms of India in a simplified manner understandable by preschool children. The event is held at the Maharashtra Nature Park, Bandra East on February 15 and 16, 2014 between 8.30 am and 3.30 p.m.

Designed to inculcate respect for nature and imbibe the values of ethnic pride among young children, the event will use various ancient medium of communication and art. A ballet by street artists to essay the life of the Great Maratha Chatrapati Sivaji amidst music and dance; a moral story on ‘unity in diversity' conveyed through the medium of street play where the performers will use the traditional instrument ‘Duff' to gather the crowd; a puppet show brought alive by puppeteers dressed as puppets, live musical performances like ‘Ektara', ‘Bansuri' and ‘Duff' by visually impaired local-train artists; Drum Circle, Bicycle trail, Yoga, Film Workshop, India Baazar and many more cultural forms of engagements.

"In the early years children usually demand mother's time and attention more. We spend all available time nursing or engaging with our babies. While there is an increasing trend of fathers being hands-on, time pressure and work commitments leave them with little or no time to meaningfully bond. This event is conceived to fill in this gap. It will be an opportunity for them to skip the gadget games, switch off television, cancel mall visits, and gather amidst nature to meaningfully engage with their children." - Said Veena Dhandapani, Mother of a 5 year old and one of the company's Directors.

Pratiksha Seth, a mother of a 4 year old and a Director with the company said, "As mothers we tend to shift all our focus to our child, neglecting self in many ways. At times we seek a break to catch up with friends, pamper our self, shop or revisit our career. At the event we have created special section for mothers to relax and rejuvenate while dad and baby enjoy themselves."

To give the children a complete experience, professionals have been invited to host sessions in their respective area of expertise. To ensure adequate bonding between dad and child, all activities have been conceptualized in a way to involve adult participation. Going forward the team plans to make this an annual landmark.

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