How an 11-yr-old forced Maharashtra CM for an interview

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11-yr-old stumps Devendra Fadnavis
Mumbai, Nov 4: This is what grit and determination can lead to! An 11-year-old school girl stumped newly appointed chief minister Devendra Fadnavis after she wanted to meet him and interview him.

Drishti Harchandrai, who studies at JB Petit School, was asked to do a study on an important/ dignified person from the society as part of her school curriculum. Keeping this in mind, Drishti was determined to meet Fadnavis and interview him.

Hence she along with her maid landed at his temporary residence but was stopped by his security guards.

That is when she wrote a letter to the CM asking him to either call her on her number or send someone to her house so that she could interview him. She insisted that the guards hand over the letter to the CM.

Suprised at the girl's determination, Fadnavis on receiving the letter called Drishti inside and patiently answered her questions for 20 minutes. Drishti asked him many questions ranging from his feelings after being appointed as the CM to his future plans about the state.

It was later that Fadnavis posted on his official Facebook page and shared his experience publicly.

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