Dawood's aide Chhota Shakeel threatens to expose Sonu Nigam

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Dawood's aide threatens Sonu Nigam
Mumbai, Oct 3: Dawood Ibrahim's close aide Chhota Shakeel allegedly threatened Sonu Nigam. The underworld don reportedly threatened to expose the Bollywood singer if he does not obey their command regarding his upcoming world tour.

Shakeel has been making calls and sending texts to Nigam asking him to change his even management agency which will arrange his world tour. The don reportedly asked Nigam to appoint a Dubai-based event management agency.

The famous Bollywood singer, who currently is out of the country, is said to have called Mumbai Police informing them regarding the threatening calls. Nigam, however, did not file any FIR.

One police official has been quoted as saying, "The gangster recommended a person's name and wanted Nigaam to organize the (world tour) concerts through him. We asked Nigaam to provide all the details and register an FIR. He is busy and we expect him to visit us soon."

Sonu Nigam asked to change his even management agency

According to sources, the don threatened to expose Nigam's friendship with one powerful woman in Mumbai. Times of India reported that when Nigam refused to entertain the calls allegedly received from Shakeel and Co, he started getting texts with details of his personal life.

In one SMS, Shakeel reportedly had claimed that he had an audio recording of Nigaam's private conversation with his influential woman friend and threatened to circulate it.

Nigam has already signed a deal with an event management agent for his upcoming world tour concert and he will face legal troubles if he cancels his deal, said sources.

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