Bollywood shocker VIDEO: "What?" is all Kareena Kapoor says about Mars Orbiter Mission

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Kareena Kapoor clueless about MOM!
Mumbai, Sep 28: A little bit of reading up doesn't hurt anybody. But looks like our 'big star' here doesn't believe in keeping an update of anything apart from her own forte.

While other Bollywood actors were going all praise about India's feat - the enormous Mars Orbiter Mission, actress Kareena Kapoor seems like she doesn't have a clue about what just happened!

At an event held in Mumbai recently, when asked about her views on India's successful Mars Mission, the 34-year-old actress could only manage to blurt, "What?".

The actress then asked the journalist to repeat the question in English, calling it "very scientific". After the translated question was repeated, Kareena could only manage to answer, "Great. That's a great day for us. I also want to go to space, meri bhi yahi ichcha hai."

Meanwhile, there were other Bollywood celebs who expressed their views and celebrated with India as we made history!

India created history with the success of Mangalyaan on Wednesday, Sept 24. Mission control at Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in Bangalore received confirmation of the success at 7:41 am.

The satellite Mangalyaan had entered the orbit of the red planet 12 minutes earlier, but the message needed to traverse the 400m miles (650m km) to Earth.

India now joined an elite club of nations who have successfully carried out interplanetary space missions. India became the first country in the world to make it to Mars orbit successfully with its first attempt.

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