Did Azam Khan's buffaloes follow their leader and go on a study tour?

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Azam Khan's missing buffaloes found
Lucknow, Feb 3: What happens when Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan's buffaloes go missing? The diligent UP Police conducts a massive midnight buffalo hunt for the stolen buffaloes.

The whole drama unfolded on Friday when seven of Khan's buffalloes went missing over the weekend and the UP police was on its toes in a bid to find the missing bufalloes. The robbers, who had shown tremendous interest in Khan's buffaloes, cut the thick iron chains and took the animals.

This not only infuriated Khan but also made him use his immense power to spring police personnel to track down his cattle.

Sniffer dogs were used to locate Khan's buffaloes

Reports suggest that cops combed fields and took the help of sniffer dogs to locate the missing cattle.

The buffaloes were later on traced but three policemen were suspended on grounds of 'dereliction of duty.'

The buffalo search however raised many questions on Khan, who has often been accused of not doing enough for the Muzaffarnagar riot victims who are living in the relief camps. Khan was even criticised for a poorly timed nation junket of ministers, which they had to cut short.

Here's what the netizens thought of the VIP buffalo search-

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