Mamata Banerjee uses slang again, this time at a govt function

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Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Dec 4: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made the headlines recently for uttering a couple of slangs while addressing her party workers. She was criticised in all medium for the reckless use of words aimed at the Centre and some other 'unknown enemy'. [Mamata Banerjee uses abusive words at Trinamool Congress event]

But the mercurial supremo of the Trinamool Conrgess (TMC) was little bothered. On Wednesday, she again let loose a verbal assault and this time, from the platform of a government event. Banerjee said at the inauguration of a sports village in Jalpaiguri, said: "Jara kaaj korche, sarakkhon tader picchone ki kore bamboo dewa jaye, tar chinta kore beracche" (efforts are always on to target those who are doing real work). She even made indecent gestures with her hand while uttering this. The expression "bamboo dewa" is considered a slang but Banerjee has little reservations in using it, even as a chief minister.

Mamata Banerjee uses slang again

Banerjee's words left the officials and police officers present on the occasion stunned. Some were seen looking at each other while some others ran for a shelter to express their amusement.

The Opposition was quick to grab the opportunity. While a senior BJP leader said using the slang repeatedly shows that it is not a slip of tongue but something with which one is familiar. A Left MP asked whether the chief minister was trying to attract the national media by uttering "bamboo". Banerjee used the Bengali form of the same word (baansh) last time, accompanying it with the same indecent gesture.

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