Saradha quizzing: Mukul Roy cooperated well and wanted truth to come out, says CBI

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Kolkata, Jan 30: Senior TMC leader Mukul Roy who was questioned for over 5 hours today by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with the Saradha scam was extremely cooperative and showed intent that he wanted the truth to prevail, an officer informed.

Roy was coopertive and has assured the CBI of all cooperation and even said he could be called in anytime for questioning, according to an officer of the agency. When he came out he told reporters that all he wanted was for the truth to come out and would do nothing to hamper the probe.

Saradha: Mukul cooperated well, says CBI

Mukul Roy was forthcoming:

CBI officials who questioned him said that he was forthcoming in his answers. He explained in detail about the meeting with Sudipta Sen. He explained the reasons of that meeting and has given us a good insight into the case, a CBI officer further informed.

For the CBI Mukul Roy was a bit of a surprise. Unlike Madan Mitra he never appeared to challenge them. He answered what was asked and all through he gave the impression that he wanted the truth to come out.

"I am all for a fair investigation into the case and will do nothing to hamper it. I will present myself anytime you ask me," Roy also told the CBI.

More questioning needed:

CBI sources say that they will call in Mukul Roy again for questioning. Based on what he has told us today, we will have to carry out our probe. We need to cross question some of the other accused too before we get back to Roy, the officer said.

His statements will now be verified along with the ones made by the other accused including Kunal Ghosh, Sudipta Sen and Madan Mitra. However in the case of Mitra, the CBI appears to have hit a road block since he is extremely difficult to speak with.

Madan Mitra has made it extremely difficult for the CBI. There have been times when during the questioning he has told us that he feels like taking a nap. He has also been very demanding and when tough questions are posed, he complains of chest pain.

TMC on teterhooks:

The questioning of Mukul Roy is extremely crucial. Roy appears to be disgusted with the attitude of some of his colleagues and feels that he should bare all before the CBI. Even after today's questioning he kept everyone guessing when he said he wants the truth to prevail.

The TMC is facing difficult times today. Whether Roy is arrested or not, it still poses a problem for the TMC. They are skeptical about what Roy may reveal. In case he is arrested then the party will suffer at the grass root levels. Roy is considered to be the real brain behind the party.

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