Revealed: What Mukul Roy told CBI about Saradha

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Kolkata, Jan 31: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has found that a Kalimpong meeting in which several high ranking TMC leaders had met with Sudipta Sen was a crucial one and alleged inroads into the state machinery was in fact made after this. [Mukul Roy cooperated well, says CBI]

CBI sources probing the Saradha scam told Oneindia that they will go deeper into this meeting and find out if the same was aimed at cozying up to the high ranking state leaders in a bid to continue with the charade called the Saradha scam.


Mukul Roy who was questioned yesterday by the CBI in connection with the scam told the agency that he was with Mamata Banerjee in Deolo in Kalimpong in March 2012. He also said that Sudipta Sen was present thus indicating that the claims made by Kunal Ghosh about that meeting were right.

Mukul Roy comes clean:

The confirmation about the Kalimpong meeting itself was a set back for the TMC. It became a huge issue because none other than Mamata herself was present during that meeting.

When Kunal Ghosh had made the statement, the TMC had called him ‘mad.' However when it comes from a Mukul Roy there is no taking it lightly. He told the CBI about the meeting and also that Mamata was very much present.

He however quickly added that he was present, but was not the one who arranged for that meeting. He also named a couple of officers of the West Bengal government who were present in that meeting.

What else did Mukuk Roy say?

-I was present at the Kalimpong meeting, but had not arranged it

-Mamata Banerjee was present at the meeting too

-I met Sen on April 5 2013 at Nizam Palace

-Sen asked me for advise on his business

-I told Sen that I was not the right person to ask

-I was not behind the letter written by Sen to the CBI

Life without Mukul Roy:

It appears as though the TMC is already planning on replacing Mukul Roy. This would mean that the all important position that Mukul Roy had in the TMC would not exist as there are clear indications that he and the supreme leader of the party, Mamata Banerjee differ on many fronts.

Yesterday Mukul Roy spoke to the media thrice. Not once did he have anything good or bad to say about Mamata. The manner in which the TMC leaders usually speak have shown that they always end their sentence with a praise for Didi.

Roy did none of that. This has prompted the TMC to adopt a different line of thinking. They may well give the importance that Roy had to Subendhu Adhikari. He is today Mamata's blue eyed boy and in the days to come he will be the brain of the party like Roy used to be.

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