AC Nielsen poll: TMC to win 182 seats in Bengal if Cong-Left alliance is made, 197 if not

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Kolkata, Feb 18: The first opinion poll of the West Bengal Assembly election this year was telecast on ABP Ananda on Thursday (Feb 18).

The first survey, which was conducted jointly by ABP Ananda and Nielsen, between January 29 and February 10 revealed the following figures:


On the alliance question, the following was found in the survey:

Will there be an alliance between Congress and Left? Yes 40% No 31% Can't say 29%

If Cong-Left alliance is held, who will win how many seats? TMC 182 Cong+LF 107 BJP 0 Others 5

In that case, what will be the vote-share? TMC 44% Cong+Left 43% Others 7%

If no Cong-Left alliance is held, who will win how many seats? TMC 197 LF 74 Cong 16 BJP 0 Others 7

In that case, what will be the vote-share? TMC 44% Left 37% Cong 6% BJP 6% Others 7%

Cong+Left will lose 17 seats if alliance is not held

TMC will gain 17 seats if alliance is not held

The first phase of the opinion poll focussed on the Trinamool Congress (TMC) government's performance in the last five years:

Controversial leaders have hit Mamata's image Yes 37% No 31% Can't say 32%

Will vote in favour of defectors Yes 20% No 64% Can't say 16%

Peace returned in Jangalmahal Yes 49% No 30% Can't say 21%

Gorkhaland problem has been resolved Yes 43% No 33% Can't say 24%

Giving rice at Rs 2 a kilo a populist idea Yes 31% No 63% Can't say 6%

Education sector in state has been politicised Yes 48% No 37% Can't say 15%

Literacy rate in state Improved 54% Same 28% Bad 15% Can't say 3%

Women's safety standards in state Better 36% Same 33% Bad 27% can't say 3%

Sharadha, Rose Valley issues have hit Mamata Banerjee's image Yes 48% No 36% Can't say 16% [out of those who feel the CM's image has been hit, 42% are TMC supporters]

Sharadha, Rose Valley issues have hit TMC Yes 53% No 31% Can't say 15% [out of those who feel it has, 48% are TMC supporters]

Law & order situation in state improved Yes 42% Same 33% No 21% Can't say 3%

Improvement of roads in state Yes 59% Same 26% Bad 13% Can't say 2%

What has hit industrialisation in the state? Infrastructure 27% land policy 25% law & order 14% SEZ 6% Can't say 27% [Out of those who feel land policy has hit industrialisation, 26% are TMC supporters]

Has CM Mamata Banerjee's foreign trip like that in Singapore helped investment in state? Yes 32% No 43% Can't say 16%

Improvement in Bengal's industry scenario: Yes 36% No 49% Can't say 16%

How much satisfactory has been TMC's rule: Very Good 14%, good 40%, so-so 32%

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