Kolkata Police issues bizarre guidelines to avoid eve-teasing

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Kol police issues guidelines for women
Kolkata, Sept 9: As if our politicians were not enough, now police officials in Kolkata have issued guidelines for women to avoid eve teasing.

The Kolkata police has come up with a 12-point guideline of do's and dont's for women to avoid eve teasing and have posted the same on their official website titled 'Tips on How to Prevent Eve Teasing.'

Some of the guidelines will not only make you laugh but will also make you wonder as to what exactly do they mean. Officials say there is nothing wrong in issuing such guidelines as one should behave appropriately.

Women's rights groups and CPI(M) leaders have criticised the move saying that 'instead of protecting women and ensuring their safety, the police is issuing bizarre guideline.'

Here are the 12 guidelines issued by the police:

1. Dress decently
2. Have emergency speed dial numbers on your phone
3. Self defense
4. Be aware of people around you
5. Avoid late nights
6. Carry pepper spray
7. Be well behaved
8. Stay in groups
9. Avoid travelling in crowded bus or train
10. Avoid going to isolated places
11. Walk in well lit and frequented areas
12. Be street smart

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