In West Bengal these gun trotting jamais tell you who to vote for

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Kolkata, May 2: They are referred to as Jamais or sons in law in West Bengal. You would find these jamais in the border areas of West Bengal once campaigning ends. They are extremely active at the time of polling and these men who are hired gun men from Bangladesh are tasked with the job of scaring the voter.

Each time there is an election the jamais from Bangladesh land up in West Bengal. They are hired by candidates to oversee the polling process once the campaign ends.

Gun trotting 'jamais' seen in WB

Their job is to go around the constituency and threaten the voters so that the candidate who is hired by them gets the highest number of votes.

Who are the jamais?

Jamai or son in law is a slang or a term used to refer to these goons from Bangladesh. These gun trotting goons from Bangladesh are hired by candidates and are often paid a sum of Rs 40,000. The requirement is that these persons cross over into India with their own weapons.

At times when crossing over with a weapon is risky they enter India and purchase a country made pistol which is available at Rs 5,000. There are a few who even sport double barrel guns available at Rs 20,000. Their job is not to kill but scare.

These persons make their entry into West Bengal once the campaign ends. They cross over into the border and meet the candidate who has hired them.

Further they are given an advance of Rs 10,000 and the remaining money is paid once the polling is complete. Their rates range between Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 depending on the size of the constituency.

The jamais are meant to go to the voters and threaten them to vote in favour of a particular candidate. In most cases it has worked for the candidates as they tend to target the illegal immigrants who have been issued voter cards. Their targets also include those living in poverty who can easily be threatened.

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