CandidateSpeak: 'Didi wanted me to fight and so I am here'

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soumitra ray
Soumitra Ray, singer of popular Bengali band Bhoomi, who has been fielded by Trinamool Congress (TMC) from Malda Uttar constituency for the upcoming Lok Sabha election said on Wednessay that he is confident about a win. Here is what he told to Oneindia from Malda over the phone.

Oneindia: Why did you decide to contest the election? Was it a long-term plan to join politics?

Soumitra Ray: No, didi (TMC chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee) asked me to contest the election and I took the offer. She had given me the offer long ago, saying that my reputation as a singer would help me. I belong to Malda and didi found potential in me to do good. I had shown concern over my singing career but did assured me that it would not be affected.

Oneindia: Have you started your campaign in your constituency?

Soumitra Ray: Yes, I have already begun campaigning. I am based in Malda for 45 days now. Mamata Banerjee will address a rally here today and I will also be present there. I have been attending party meets and the local leaders of the party are helping me to know more and more people.

Ray, singer of a popular band, said he is confident to win the election

Oneindia: Your constituency is a stronghold of the Congress. The Left is also a force here. Are you confident of doing good?

Soumitra Ray: Yes, why not? The more powerful the opponent, the more interesting is the battle. (The family of late Congress leader and Union minister ABA Ghani Khan Chowdhury is a influenctial one here). The sitting MP, Mausam Benazir Noor, is the niece of Ghani Khan Chowdhury. She defeated Sailen Sarkar of the CPI(M) by over 60,000 votes in 2009).

Oneindia: A number of celebrities have been fielded as candidates by your party this time. What do you think about their prospects?

Soumitra Ray: They will do good. Celebrities are human beings after all and they can also serve the people.

Oneindia: What do you think about the recent rally in New Delhi where Anna Hazare and Mamata Banerjee were supposed to address jointly? Was it a blow for the party?

Soumitra Ray: I can't comment on the party's policy.

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