Youth questions Mamata on FB chat, finds remark deleted, himself blocked

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Kolkata, April 15: Purandar Bhat, a student of Economics who resides in Mumbai, put some questions before West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during a live Facebook session which was joined by the latter on April 13 (Wednesday).

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Bhat logged on at sharp 8.30 pm when Banerjee's live chatting was scheduled to begin and saw a few had already put some formal questions before her. Bhat then put across 10 questions related to various burning issues in Bengal politics and expected that the CM would reply them as she was answering questions on her health, earthquake (a quake in India-Myanmar border on that evening caused minor tremors in West Bengal also), election and others with care.


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Bhat's comment received many 'likes' and replies and was at the top for sometime. But to his utter disappointment, Bhat saw that his comment was not only deleted after some time, even he was blocked from making further remarks on Banerjee's Facebook page.

In a Facebook post, Bhat asked if Banerjee can not tolerate anybody questioning her, then what was the need for the "drama"? He said this is the same leader and his party who lecture others on intolerance and create ruckus in Parliament.

Here are the 10 questions that Bhat asked the Bengal CM:

1. Why didn't you punish those police officers found guilty by the CBI in the Nandigram case?

2. Why haven't you published the Singur agreement still?

3. How many paintings have you sold in last four years?

4. Which scheme is used by you and your ministers that helps your assets multiply by 3-4 times in five years? I also want to make use of the same.

5. Who is the owner of the Sonar Tari hotel in Puri?

6. If you are receiving donation from Narada, where are the receipts?

7. How many big industries have you set up in five years?

8. You claimed to have created 68 lakh jobs. In that case, why are there so many jobless people still registered with the employment bank?

9. When will the TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) results come out?

10. Who did your MLA Iqbal refer to when he told Babi Hakim (Bengal's urban development Minister) that the MLAs of Hoogly district are plundering money? Why have you made them candidates this time again?

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