TMC's footballer candidate scores same-side goal, says no development done at rally

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Pandua (West Bengal), April 19: Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee was left embarassed at an election rally in Pandua constituency in Hooghly on Monday when her party's candidate Sayed Rahim Nabi spoke about underdevelopment in the local health sector, a report published in Bengali daily Anandabazaar Patrika said.

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Banerjee interfered as soon Nabi, a national footballer, said the local health centre is in a bad condition and badly needs development. "Keep quiet," Banerjee told Nabi in front of the audience and then took to convince the young candidate that it is not always possible to set up big hospitals in all parts of the state, the report added. The matter left the spectators and also TMC leaders present on the spot stunned.


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Banerjee, however, started her address in her known style by reading out the list of work her government has done in the area. She also made some other local leaders to acknowledge the 'good work' but when the local footballer candidate was asked to say something, he just scored e a sameside goal.

Banerjee later tried to manage the situation by saying how her government is struggling to bring back the health of the health sector. We are not getting good doctors to run hospitals, she said.

Banerjee later also appealed to the voters to back her on April 30 when Hooghly district will go to polling, saying she is the actual candidate in these constituencies.

Pandua has been a Left stronghold since 1977. Even the Mamata Banerjee wave of 2011 couldn't see a reversal in 2011 when TMC's Nargis Begum lost to CPI(M)'s Amjad Hossain Sheikh by just 397 votes.

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