A tiff between a couple results in their double suicide bid

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Kol: Girl jumps in front of train
Kolkata, Sept 12: A girl, who could not take the news of her lover jumping into a river, tried to kill herself by stepping in front of a train here on Wednesday.

The girl allegedly tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a speeding train in Metro Railway after she heard that her lover had jumped into the Hoogly from the Howrah Bridge.

She  was later on admitted to a hospital in Kalighat after she sustained injuries, when she was hit by the train.

The exact reason for her taking such an extreme step is not yet known but according to reports, she decided to end her life on Wednesday evening after hearing that her lover, Bikash Sahu jumped from the Howrah bridge, following an altercation with her over the phone.

Bikash has been missing ever since the news spread. River Traffic police personnel have been carrying out serarch opeartions.

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