I am still a victim of untouchability, Modi says at Dalit conclave

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Kochi, Feb 9: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting organised by Kerala Pulayar Mahasabha (KPM) here on Sunday.

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5.23 pm

Modi concludes his speech.

5.18 pm

"A new govt will take over in 100 days. It will stop those who want to cultivate poison and will work for brotherhood."

5.17 pm

"Ranganathan Mishra  Commission is here to cultivate poison. It wants to take back our rights."

5.16 pm

"Justice is our right. We should not beg it anymore."

5.15 pm

"Be educated, be organised, fight, Amdbedkar had taught us these three principles."

5.12 pm

"We should overcome superstitious beliefs."

"Educate your children."

5.10 pm

"I have grown up among tribals and it is my duty to do something for them."

"It is said leaders enrich their families but I haven't done anything for my family since I took over."

5.06 pm

"For the last 60 years, those in the govt think only one family has done everything."

5.05 pm

"Shouldn't every other region also know about Kerala's achievements?"

"Kerala has a high level of literacy today not because of any government initiative."

5.00 pm

"We have also sent a fisherman to the Upper House, something which has happened for the first time."

"The BJP has sent a Dalit to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat."

4.57 pm

"I come from a poor family. My Mother used to wash utensils & I sold tea."

4.55 pm

"No matter what happened in the last 60 years, the next 10 years will be those of the downtrodden and backward."

"I am still a victim of untouchability." Modi said the mayor of Kochi was supposed to come to the programme but he didn't turn up.

4.51 pm

"1913 was a Red letter day in the history of India after Kerala Pulayar Maha Sabha was formed which worked for the downtrodden."

4.45 pm

Modi begins to speak.

4.25 pm

Local members speak.

4.09 pm

Modi felicitated.

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