Fight against moral policing: Kochi to hold "Kiss of Love" today!

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Kochi to hold Kiss of Love today!
Kochi, Nov 2: A group of youngsters are all set to hold the controversial 'Kiss of Love' - a non-violent protest against moral policing in Kerala's Kochi district on Sunday, Nov 2. [Read: Kerala's "Kiss of Love" Explained]

It is a campaign initiated to protest against the moral policing and express freedom of love.

The 'Kiss of Love' was planned in the wake of an attack on a coffee shop by youth wing activists of ruling BJP.

Kerala Police have denied permission to the protesters to hold the event in Kochi.

Vijayan, a member of the moral policing team, said such events are against Indian culture and tradition.

"Not only political parties, even the residents and entire community should protest this kind of wrong behaviour. What are they up to, to kiss in open place and organise such events, it is spoiling our age old culture and tradition. Such activities are not at all acceptable," Vijayan said.

The young protesters have also created a Facebook page "Kiss of Love" to garner support for their cause, which has already received thousands of likes.

The organisers of 'Kiss Day' have invited couples to assemble at Marine Drive in Kochi on the Sunday evening to protest against moral policing. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenders) community has also showed support to the drive, organised to express love and draw people's attention to the fact that no one has the right to interfere in one's personal life.

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