Don't talk about money when microphones are on:Ramdev to BJP candidate

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Jaipur, April 17: Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev was on Thursday caught on camera while warning a BJP candidate from Alwar district "not to talk about money when microphones are on".

According to reports, Ramdev faced an embarrassing "oops" moment during a press conference in Alwar when the BJP candidate Mahant Chand Nath told him, "We are facing lot of problems in getting money. Can't bring money into the constituency."

Ramdev was caught on camera warning Nath, "Don't be a fool and don't talk when microphones are on."

When media persons asked Ramdev about his alleged talk about money in front of camera, he simply dodged away the questions and left the venue without answering them.

Nath told reporters, "It is your imagination. We didn't discuss anything about money."

It should be recalled that Baba Ramdev has been very vocal about his protest against government to bring back black money stashed in Swiss accounts and here he himself is seen murmuring about money.

Earlier, Ramdev had said both Congress and BJP are corrupt but the top leadership of the BJP has a clean image.

"Narendra Modi has a clean image...his nationalism can not be questioned, while the same cannot be said for the Congress leadership."

Here is the shocking video:

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