Final Destination re-run: Young MH17 victim had a premonition of plane crash

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MH17 victim had preminition of the crash
Amesterdam, July 23: Ever had that feeling like you get a glimpse of the future? Like an eerie premonition of something that's going to happen? Had the mother of this 11-year -old listened to her son, he would've probably been alive today.

According to a report, 11-year-old Miguel Panduwinata was supposed to board the ill-fated Malaysian airline MH17 so that they could then go to Bali to visit their grandmother.

However a day before the flight, Miguel looked disturbed. He asked his mother Calehr: "How would you choose to die? What would happen to my body if it was buried?" the night before the trip, Miguel didn't let go of his mother.

Miguel had a premonition that his flight would crash

The next day just when Miguel was supposed to board the flight, with his brother, he turned to his mother and said: "Maa am going to miss you. What if the plane crashes?"

Miguel's mother wondered what he was speaking of. She thought maybe he was just going to miss her before the trip. She bid them goodbye only to find out that after two hours the flight had crashed.

Calehr lost both her sons on MH 17 and says ‘I should've listened to him.'Calehr's other son Mika was unable to board the flight the same day as his siblings and that he would travel to Bali the next day.

MH17 was shot down by supposed rebels in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, killing all 298 passengers on board.

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